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Good Morning Friends & Family,

After a quadruple bypass last year my wife and I have adopted a Plant Based lifestyle.  We have found a lifestyle that not only provides us with the nutrition we need but to our surprise has completely changed our entire outlook on life.  Through this process we have attracted a number of friends and family who also want to make the change.

We launched www.WholeFed.com and plan on incorporating a 45 day WholeFed conversion program.  Our goal is to provide the actual meal by meal outline to a Plant Based lifestyle.

“My Refrigerator is Trying to Kill Me”, is based on an observation I made a few weeks after surgery.  I found it ironic that we spend so much time avoiding obvious threats to our health; seat belts, smoking, swimming at dusk in the ocean, but the largest threat is the refrigerator.  In fact 1 in 3 Americans will die from a Cardiovascular issue!  My goal here is to have some fun with daily topics.

Please contact my wife and I anytime if we can help you get started.

Regards,  Ian