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It was a few weeks after my bypass surgery, at the age of 40, that I realized something quite simple but fundamental. I had spent so much time being careful of the obvious threats to my well being. I participated in “extreme” activity; ocean windsurfing, surfing, dirt bike trail riding. I also spent a lot of time focused on making money. In retrospect, I put productivity well above health on my priortiy list for many years. I thought wearing a helmet was being careful. I thought eating organcially would protect me.

The truth however, was all along my refrigerator* was the most dangerous threat to my well being.

I believe it is time to really assess the contents of your own refrigerator. Take a shelf by shelf inventory of the products that consist of your daily nutritional input. In the coming weeks, Alicia & I will focus on removing the items that pose a threat to your health and replacing them with products that support a Plant Based lilfestyle.

*In our attempt to assist our friends and family to a Plant Based lifestyle, we are going to refer to the refrigerator as a metaphor of your overall diet.