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My personal issue began with a very gradual increase in body weight from 200 to a high of 235 pds.  My blood pressure was consistently increasing as well.  I did not suffer a heart attack but had all the classic signs of angina.  I noticed most of the symptoms during my frequent exercise.  I could not run more than a quarter of a mile without walking.  I was not out of breath, I just could not go further.  Another very telling sign was the increase in my neck size of a three to four year period.  I frequently would get flushing in my face, particularly when I was stressed.

The fact is exercise saved my life.  Without noticing the symptoms I would likely have had a massive heart attack some years later.

December 2010
235 pds / 262 TC / 145:110 BP

March 23, 2011
Quadruple Bypass

December 2011
198 pds / 153 TC / 105:75 BP

I adopted a Plant Based diet the first week out of the hospital.  My wife and I used Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn’s book, Prevent & Reverse Heart Disease, as our guide.  The majority of the weight loss occurred about 2-3 months in and it was a step down process.