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On Thursday my wife and I spent time in the Emergency Room.  The irony  was that it was one year to the day that I had my catheterization done to determine the extent of my blockages.

My wife had abdominal cramping and was visiting the restroom every ten minutes.   She had felt pretty lousy all week and the cramping was getting more acute.

We went to the local MedExpress and they determined that it was not the flu, nor were their little ones on the way.  They did notice blood in her urine and suggested we go the ER.

We both were aware of the irony and the emotions started coming out on the ride to the ER.  Needless to say my wife was not handling these circumstances very well.  The stress kept building throughout registration and as they admitted her she stated flatly; I am going to pass out.   She took a couple wobbly steps towards the bed and collapsed in my arms.

I have seen people faint and know the feeling myself but have never observed a more peaceful descent into unconsciousness, a complete system shut down.

A full thirty seconds later Alicia came back to the light.  It is this moment that I find truly remarkable.  Her eyes opened and she looked completely at ease.   She had a  wisp of a smile and was speaking very quietly.   I have known Alicia for twelve years and never seen her so relaxed.  Now she was ready to assess her situation quietly and logically.  By shutting down she enabled herself to shed the emotions and clear her mind.

Finally, the observation.

Sometimes your body and mind need to RESET.  There is a reason why you faint; it is the mind’s way of protecting you in time of danger.  In many ways our body also shuts down.   My arteries being blocked at 95% was literally a shut down.  “Hey Big Guy, Listen to Me!”

You ever get the “blue screen of death” on your computer?   The only way to restart is in Safe Mode.  Essentially an operating system that has just the basic essentials running, to determine what the malfunction is.

I think a lot of us would benefit greatly from a Reset.   Take a long hard look at the issues facing your mental & physical health.   Imagine hitting Reset.  Start over.  Start a new program, change the malfunctions.   If its your health, try a cleanse! Juice for seven days and establish a new baseline.   If it is a bad relationship, problems with work… Hit Reset.

That first second after Alicia came to, she had no worries.  A little exaggeration here but she was reborn.   Try to mimic the natural reaction that is fainting in your life.  It is based on millions of years of instinct.

Try Hitting the Reset Button.

p.s. My wife and I feel that she had a bout with E Coli.  She had eaten out several times at different restaurants and it was likely the cause of the symptoms.