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Today let’s try something a little different.  When you are done reading this I am going to ask you to do a one very small act of positivity.

I live in the center of our city in a big building.  I am fortunate, I walk to my office and I walk to the Whole Foods Market and I walk my best friend Broker.

Broker lives an interesting life.  He is a handsome golden retriever and hails from Sydney, Australia.  He is extremely social (I think it has to do with his Aussie heritage) and 99% of the time is the conversation opener for all the discussions I have with strangers.  He is different from me because he has never been in a situation that he perceived as negative.

Anywhere we go is good enough for him.  Every nap he takes is the best he has ever had.  He eats every meal like its his last and is completely content spending the day on the sofa with his buddy, Lambchop.

Why is Broker so content?  Because Broker does not think about tomorrow and he does not think about yesterday. 

Broker lives in the moment. 

I realize this is a topic that has been explored over and over again… but it is highly relevant.

Living in the moment is fundamental to making a change in your life.  At this precise moment you have the ability to do something very profound. You can add a positive habit to your life.

Make one change in the next ten minutes that is not based on the past or the future.  It is simply one-act that can be performed in the present.


Drink a huge glass of water.

The simple act of drinking water is accomplishing a number of benefits for you.

By drinking a glass of water you are creating a physical act of positivity.  You already know that being hydrated is so important to healthy body function but you are also engaging in an act of control.  By doing one thing that is positive for your body you are creating a habit and taking control.

Do one positive thing a day.  It does not have to be monumental.  It can be anything you determine is a benefit to your mental or physical health.  Park the car one spot further from your normal spot at work, add one extra leaf of lettuce on your sandwich, call your Mom or Dad.

Do one thing a day and it will add up.  Make sure the daily habit is cumulative… drink that extra glass of water everday.

Seriously, get up and go get some water… Broker would.


“When people drink water, two cups before a meal, they actually lose five pounds more of fat than people who don’t.”  Kathy Freston