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I like to start my day on Google News.  I had to laugh this morning as I scanned the Health section. 






FDA must remove antibiotics from animal feed. 

Beef Patties recalled due to E. coli fears.

School Districts moving against Pink Slime.

Monthly shots of Amgen drug cuts cholesterol.

Popcorn is packed with more antioxidants than fruits and vegetables.

Top 5 Healthy Heart Snacks.

Three headlines on Beef related issues.  One headline encouraging us that another drug has been developed to take care of our problems.  Several articles discussing the benefits of popcorn… the nutritionist in one of them says it ok to use butter or olive oil to pop the kernels.  (Who paid for this study, University of Scranton?  Or the American Chemistry Society?  Where did the ACS get the funding for popcorn study?)

Finally, the sole headline on an activity that is simple and healthy.  Eating Fruits & Vegetables. 

The take away today is… the headlines are very insightful.  There is a significant amount of fall out occurring as the public begins to assess their own health and attacks the propaganda.  It is amazing within a few weeks, that Pink Slime has essentially been cut out of the school meal plans nationwide. 

The issue is most Americans understand the food they are eating is not healthy.  Unfortunately, there has been a tiny effort towards educating the public about a Plant Based nutrition plan. 

I think the tide is shifting.   

 Google News:

Judge: FDA must act to remove antibiotics from animal feed



Beef patties recalled in western US amid E. coli fears


Districts Moving Against ‘Pink Slime’


Monthly shots of Amgen drug slash cholesterol up to 66 percent


Popcorn Is Packed with Antioxidants


Popcorn Has More Antioxidants Than Fruit and Vegetables, Study Says

Read more: http://latino.foxnews.com/latino/health/2012/03/26/popcorn-has-more-antioxidants-than-fruit-and-vegetables-study-says/#ixzz1qELPtqk6

 Top 5 Heart-Healthy Snacks