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I deal in Municipal Bonds and have been since I turned 22.  Our group manages a large portfolio of bonds so I have the opportunity to meet our clients regularly. 

A majority of our clients are very high net worth and are self-made.  They have spent their lives working and are now enjoying the fruits of their labor. 

I am very impressed by this group.  They have no debt and never did; even when they were starting out.  They never spent more than they had and “cash is king”.  They are savers and tend to live their lives accordingly.  They will look for deals and check local gas prices to save a few pennies.  It is these skills that have allowed them to amass millions of dollars and enjoy life in retirement.  When they invest it is for safety and income.  They use tax-free bonds to squeeze out every cent from their investment.  When they buy equities, it is for the dividend, not the appreciation. 

There are of course exceptions, but the sampling of several hundred clients also reveals a very consistent characteristic: they are healthy.  My top ten clients are well into their 80’s and are doing great.  Golf, vacations, family gatherings and intellectually sound of mind. 

They approach nutrition in the same way they invest.  Consistent, cautious and diversified.  I am not saying they are all Plant Based, but they are conservative and treat everything in moderation.  They are careful in not overeating, drinking in excess and rarely do I see that any of them smoke.   They also visit doctors regularly and take advantage of the health care system.

The takeaway here is we need to invest in our health.  My wife made a comment earlier this week;  We need to have a health savings account.  Essentially, we make deposits in our health account now for a big pay off in the future. 

I have been joking that new clients bring their physicians to the initial meeting.  The first part of the consultation would be getting an idea of how healthy the client is and then invest accordingly.  On top of my regular financial due diligence, I put on the surgical gloves and get a physical exam going.  Based on the overall picture I build a bond portfolio with maturity dates that coincide with the actuarial prognosis.  

By adopting a Plant Based nutrition plan, you are essentially saving for your future.  The evidence is clear that you will live longer but more importantly you will live better.  Your quality of life in your old age will be signicficantly more enjoyable. 

Treat your health the same way you treat your money.