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Americans are not just becoming uninsured; they are staying that way.  26% of Americans aged 16 to 64 had no health insurance for part of 2011.

Nearly 50 million Americans had no health insurance in 2010. 

1 out of 4 have no health insurance.

2 out of 3 will develop either; cancer, diabetes, or heart disease.

The odds are that many Americans will by affected by a chronic disease while they are uninsured.  I have read horror stories regarding families that have literally lost everything as a result of medical bills and the inability to work.

If I was uninsured, avoiding a chronic disease would be at the forefront of my priority list; not that it isn’t for the insured as well.  Having a stroke or diabetes can be extremely detrimental to your ability to maintain employment; not  to mention the costs associated with the disease.

A gentleman that works in my building recently expressed to me that he could barely afford the diabetes medicine he is taking.  He is obese and takes at a minimum of ten different drugs.  However, he absolutely refuses to change his diet and vehemently defends his meat, as his right as an American.

By adopting a diet that has a very high degree of success in decreasing your chances of contracting a chronic disease you are in essence providing yourself with an Insurance Plan. 

The groundbreaking book, The China Study, authored by Dr. T. Colin Campbell, reveals what can be described as a startling, yet wholly intuitive, relationship between nutrition and disease. Dr. Campbell found that a whole-foods, plant-based diet can not only lower your risk for certain diseases, it can reverse their progression.

The 20-year China Study allowed Campbell to test and compare laboratory findings against a participating human population. Across China, over 100 villages participated – and the findings were consistent: a high consumption of animal-based foods is associated with more chronic disease, while those eating primarily a plant-based diet were the healthiest.

The key of this nutritional dietary overhaul: avoiding meat, dairy and processed foods and oil of any kind.

Being uninsured is a terrible situation to be in but there are steps that can reduce your chances of being in a catastrophic situation.

A great movie outlining this scenario is; Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead.  If you have a chance watch it.  It outlines a very simple process to “reboot” your health.  http://www.fatsickandnearlydead.com/