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My plaque is reversing less than a year after my quadruple bypass surgery. 

I have outlined some of the pitfalls of filling our guts with guts; how the sun will shine brighter and the water will taste better if we eat lots of plants.  I have not shared results.

I am due for my next checkup at the Cardiologist in the next month.  This is from my last visit in November.

Anyone can pick apart how long humans have been eating meat or how or brains would be the size of peas without animal protein.  There are thousands of studies and experts that will refute any effort that promotes focusing your diet on grains, vegetables & fruits.

I take 10mg of Crestor a day.  Maybe that is the cause of the Plaque reversal?  Maybe it is the baby aspirin?  Maybe it is the 30 mile run I ran on Sunday?  Maybe its the aluminium foil hat I made myself to avoid cosmic radiation…

I say: try it.  Try eating nothing but Plants & Grains for a week.  Two weeks.  One month.  Don’t tell anyone, do it for yourself.

There is no downside… only upside.