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Facebook went public a few days ago.  It started its public debut at $38 dollars a share, rose to $43 and now sits at $32.  As many will put it; its launch was a dud.

Why did the stock tank?  It is the epitome of supply and demand, fueled by greed.  The initial price talk was approximately $28-32, not $38.  But everyone got greedy.  Facebook pushed, Morgan Stanley pushed and ultimately they killed the golden goose.

Rather than focus on a realistic price, sans hype, they went big.  (News today is indicating that most of Wall Street insiders knew of a revenue shortfall prior to the IPO).

This scenario is a prime example of the current situation in the food industry.  They have gotten greedy, very greedy.  They have pushed the envelope so far that they are literally killing off the hand that feeds them.  They have stuffed our food with so many cheap processed ingredients, it has no nutritional value.

They also have killed the goose.

Question: If following a whole food plant-based diet is the healthiest diet for mankind, why haven’t I been made aware of it?

Answer: No one has a vested interest in promoting a whole feed plant-based diet.

The S&P 500 is composed of the 500 largest American companies and represents 75% of the American stock market.  http://wholefed.org/2012/02/28/big-market-capitalization-big-sickness-big-business/

I have identified the largest companies in the U.S. that have a majority of their revenue reliant on food & beverages, drugs, health care, insurance.

Drugs & Devices =           $1.074 Trillion Market Cap / $809 Billion Revenue

Health Care =                  $91 Billion Market Cap / $245 Billion Revenue

Retail (F&B,tobacco)=       $973 Billion Market Cap / $502 Billion Revenue

Insurance =                     $152 Billion Market Cap / $246 Billion Revenue

TOTAL 2011 =                 $2,290 Trillion Market Cap / $1,802 Trillion Revenue

The reason the media, medical profession, and food industry do not promote a whole foods plant-based diet is quite simply: money.  It is not a conspiracy; it is simply capitalism operating under the rules of supply and demand. 

The current health care crisis is an extreme example of a swing in the pendulum.  This epidemic is not sustainable and it will be the same companies that control the market now, which will respond to a demand for wellness.  Simply put; you cannot kill off your customers indefinitely. 

Consumers and Corporations will eventually gravitate towards health and demand products that support that lifestyle choice.

The plant-based food revolution is very young. The challenge will be to educate the public as the epidemic worsens; to take advantage of the shift in perceptions and offer a solution based in science not marketing.