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A study of 15 Pacific bluefin Tuna caught off San Diego in August last year found levels of radioactive cesium 10 times higher than in fish caught in previous years and provide “unequivocal evidence” that the radiation came from Fukushima.

There is not a news channel in the world that has not reported this story.  It is an excellent example of the power of fear that immediately evokes change.  I can assure you that no matter how adamant the experts are that the tuna is safe… it will make you think twice when putting in your sushi order.  It is the same effect “Mad Cow” headlines create, it is immediate and swift.

Radiation causes cancer and it does it very quickly.

We eat foods everyday that have been shown to accelerate tumor growth, cause inflammation and promote the expression of carcinogenic genes.

Casein is a known carcinogen.  Casein makes up 87 percent of cow’s milk.

Casein, an animal protein found in cow’s milk and used in products from cheese and protein supplements to paint and glue, has been found to cause cancer. Extensive research proves that casein, when found in excess of humans’ need for protein, causes a wide range of cancers.

Casein makes up about 87 percent of cow’s milk.  Dr. Colin Campbell, The China Study; states, “Casein is the most relevant carcinogen that humans ingest. It is more potent than DDT or dioxin.

“The China Study: The main story line of the book relates the sequence of experimental research studies with which my current ideas about nutrition emerged… does casein–when fed to rats–encourage the growth of experimental tumors and, if so, how does it work?

First, we confirmed that casein does have this property and, second, we learned how it does it. In the traditional sense, the evidence was overwhelming. Using traditional science practice, we should be concluding that casein is a chemical carcinogen, perhaps the most relevant carcinogen that we consume.”

This is just one of a hundred different products that we ingest that causes chronic disease.  Everyday we are bombarded with a new discovery relating food to cancer or heart disease.  A few weeks ago it was arsenic in our meat, prozac in our chicken, ammonia in hot dogs ….

The only thing we can control is to educate ourselves thoroughly on the dangers of GMO’s, chemicals, additives, preservatives and eat organically whenever possible.

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