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My wife, Alicia, is awesome.

Essentially, everything I do, I do for her.  It’s a cliche, but love is like that.

When I was diagnosed with my blockages, she never lost her step, she stood up straight and tackled it head on.  She took control and created the plan for beating the diagnosis.  She read Dr. Esselstyn’s, Prevent & Reverse Heart Disease and then she told me what to do.

You have taken wonderful care of me.  My foundation is so strong with you by my side.  I tease you often but you are a rock.  No matter what kind of storm we are going through you stand tall against it and tackle it head on.  You handle life in a very aggressive manner and I truly respect it.  Many people say they stand for their principles and ethics but you really do.

Having a core set of values and knowing what is right and wrong sets you apart and provides you with the tools to handle life and its many challenges.  You adapt and you react to influences affecting us in the short term, but long term you have a good idea where we stand, what we believe.

This last year has been amazing.  It was a very dangerous year yet we came out on top.  You took the situation and made it a positive one; in fact we thrived from it.  That is truly remarkable and you should be very proud of yourself.

She does not stop there, the job is not complete.  She continues to build on her knowledge and is constantly striving to perfect it.

Congratulations on your degree from Cornell in Plant Based Nutrition!

Love Ian