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I had not heard that Adolf Hitler was a vegetarian before, until I opened my inbox this morning. Thank you “Anonymous” emailer for inadvertently providing me with a very interesting topic.

First things first. My blog is simply a way for me to share my experiences for anyone that chooses to read them. They are my opinions. I am not a preacher, nor am I a doctor… just simply a guy with heart disease trying to change his ways. At the heart of it: I wish someone had shared with me what I know now.

“Hitler was a Vegetarian”

It is an exceptionally powerful statement. It connects an obviously deplorable human being to a lifestyle followed by a stereotypically compassionate people. Subtly, it construes a cult undertone that is often associated with anyone choosing not to eat animals.

Whomever sent me the statement this morning felt that vegetarians are promoting a fascist revolution. A revolution that will ultimately result in the mass murder of everyone who partakes in the consumption of animals; and my decision not to eat animals makes me an accomplice in this massive conspiracy.

Although, it is impossible to know for sure it seems unlikely Hitler was vegetarian. There exists evidence supporting it but the interpretation of the word, vegetarian, is very loose and seems highly prone to propaganda. In fact it is widely believed that Goebbels, Hitler’s Propaganda Minister, promoted the idea of vegetarianism to give Hitler a more compassionate persona. Regardless it is irrelevant.

There exists a vast schism separating a Meat Eater & a Non-Meat Eater. The mere revelation that you choose not to eat animals instantly invokes a “flight or fight” instinct in most people. It draws an instant line in the sand.

I would venture to say that Vegetarian/Vegan ranks far above religion or politics on the emotion scale. You either love Neil Diamond or you don’t type of distinction.

Would someone with an allergy to shellfish evoke the same reaction? What about an alcoholic who declares that he chooses not to drink?

Message to “Anonymous”: Please do not misunderstand my newly found zeal for life and my ability to share this zeal with others as a hidden agenda. Yes, I would like to see more people discover the benefits of eating a purely Plant Based diet; if not for their own health but to take some pressure off of our environment. I would also like to see more people not have to experience life saving surgery, as I did.

However, do not compare me to Hitler.