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Refrigerator after Rehab

Refrigerator after Rehab

Our Refrigerator was recently convicted of attempted murder.  It was only after “he” tried to kill me that I realized the danger we were in.  In fact, it was while in the ICU following my quadruple bypass surgery , that I figured it out.

We had friends over for dinner last night and the first remark was how healthy our refrigerator looks.  I had to adamantly remind them… there was a time, not so long ago, that “he” was completely out of control.

Your Refrigerator, without discipline, is a Weapon of Mass Destruction.  With discipline, your Refrigerator can be an enormous tool for good and ultimately can save your life.

Use your Refrigerator as an extension of your overall plan towards health.  Use it to represent your goals & serve as a constant reminder of your success.  When your foundation is solid the rest will follow.

A great first step to start a nutrition makeover is by mentally taking an inventory of the food in your fridge.  Open it up and take a panoramic view of its contents.  Does it look like a friend or an enemy?  Considering that 67% of us will die of a chronic disease associated with malnutrition, the danger is real.

What you stock your refrigerator with is a choice.  A choice made long before the food made it home.  It is a choice based on thousands of small decisions that confront you daily.  Each decision needs to be approached with an overriding master plan.  When you select items at the store ask yourself a question: does this belong in my refrigerator.  Extend that same question to ordering at restaurants; is this something I would eat at home?

When I open our Rehabilitated Refrigerator, I see our plan in action.  It represents the power and control I have to exert my influence and willpower upon a large metal box.  That influence ultimately controls my destiny.

My wife recently received her certification in Plant-Based Nutrition, from T. Colin Campbell & Cornell University.  One of the first steps she accomplishes when meeting a new client is a WholeFoods walk-through.  She has completely mapped out a refrigerator cleansing, essentially replacing the bad with the good.  The Refrigerator makeover is a key step in beginning a master plan.

Replace animal proteins with plant based foods, replace sugar drinks & sodas with water and infused teas.  Read the labels on your condiments; throw out ketchup with high fructose corn syrup, out with saturated fats.

As far as the attempted murder charge; I dropped it.  I am proud of who “he” has become.  In the end, I was mostly to blame… I filled him with marketing & advertising and expected a healthy outcome.

… now I wonder what those cabinets are scheming?