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Daily, I receive contact from all over this great country of ours.  I respond to all of the questions and comments.  I am not a doctor or nutritionist, I can simply share my experiences and point in the direction that worked for me.

I am sharing this email because it represents a frustration I have.  This gentleman weighs 375 pounds and the best solution he found is eating a “beans & greens” diet.  Is that the best that we have to offer?

At some point, a meaningful message is going to need to be conveyed to the American people pertaining to the food we eat.  A message untainted by bias & profit.  A message that clearly explains the likely scenarios of following a Standard American Diet… cancer, diabetes, heart disease, obesity, arthritis, dementia, Alzheimer’s.

At this time, I don’t see any organization stepping up and taking charge.  Lots of individuals; but no centralized plan.

I am going to do my best to share my solution…


You should get with the American Heart Association, etc. and get on their speaking circuit, you could do a lot of good for obese people such as myself.  I am at 375, shocked by what I have done to my body, and starting my “bean and Greens” diet today.  Hope it works!  I wish you’d give me any ideas for varying natural foods from day-to-day because that’s where diets suffer systemic failure.  We get bored with them.

Thanks for your BLOG, just found it by accident or was it “providence”?



Thank you for the comment. 

I have learned over the last year and half that change is a lot of little steps that add up to something big. 

I can’t advise you on your own situation, but it comes down to a simple question. 

Do you want to live?  If its Yes, then make every decision based on that answer.  If NO enjoy everything you are doing and don’t regret it later.   The movie Shawshank Redemption had a quote, “Get busy living or get busy dying”.

What I am attempting to get across is “are you satisfied” with your current life.  I come across a lot of sick people who are perfectly content with the way things are.  

Change is very powerful and as I said before starts with little things.

Day One… Drink 8 16 oz glasses of water

Day Two… Drink 8 16 oz glasses of water, park at the furthest spot from your office,

Day Three..Day 1, Day 2, throw something away in your fridge (soda for example).

Day Four… you get the idea

Change is a cumulation of little daily habits.  Replacing a bad habit with a good habit.

I don’t know what greens & beans diet is but I do know that starvation diets are not very effective long-term.   

Couple questions. 

Have you seen Fat Sick & Nearly Dead?  http://www.fatsickandnearlydead.com/ 

Have you seen Forks Over Knives?  http://www.forksoverknives.com/

Both these movies are quite inspiring and might stir the emotions necessary to get going.

I appreciate your email a great deal and pay it forward I extend an open invitation to pick my brain anytime.

At the time my surgery was a real blow to my life and I couldn’t see the future very clearly.  One year later, and I mean this honestly, I would not change what happened.  I am glad I was diagnosed with heart disease, it has made my life richer.

I am not a doctor, just a person like you that changed my entire life by making a few simple changes.  I am happy to share them with you if you want.  Make the commitment to change, that’s the victory.  The weight is secondary. 


Ian Welch

More resources:

Dr. Esselstyn… Prevent & Reverse Heart Disease… www.heartattackproof.com

Dr. Colin Campbell…China Study…http://www.tcolincampbell.org/

Dr. McDougall… www.drmcdougall.com