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Can you imagine living until the year 2126? What advice would you have privy to over 114 year lifespan. You would have lived to see thousands of fads, the entire industrial revolution, the advent of all kinds of medicine. As a doctor you would have seen thousands of maladies and experimented with hundreds of different solutions.

Leila Denmark did exactly that. What a beautiful lady.

Leila practised medicine for more than 70 years. Born on Feb 1, 1898, in Bulloch County, GA, USA she died on April 1, 2012, in Athens, GA, USA, aged 114 years.

“No milk after the baby is weaned!   No juice, no tea or Cokes.   Only water.   That cow out in the pasture never had a drop of milk after she was weaned, and look how strong and healthy she is.”

By the time Leila retired in 2001, at the age of 103, she had cared for thousands of children through a career that spanned seven decades. She began practicing medicine before there was baby food and before many immunizations were developed. Yet as medicine progressed over the next 70 years, Denmark remained true to an early belief: good parenting, good nutrition, and common sense afford a child a good chance at a healthy life.

In 1931, after the birth of her daughter, Denmark opened a private practice at her home in Atlanta. She didn’t employ a receptionist and instead opted for a paper sign-in sheet; an appointment wasn’t necessary; and over the next 71 years she almost never charged more than US$10 for a visit. She saw patients at her house so she could be an active parent with a central role in raising her daughter, a prescription she gave her patients.

Dr. Denmark’s long life exemplifies the relative importance of diet and work ethic as compared to genetics. Her mother died at age 45, her father died at 65 and many of her 11 siblings died of heart disease. Other than a mild heart attack at age 99, Denmark has been healthy.

Dr. Denmark’s most famous simple prescription for longevity is “love what you do and eat right.”

Don’t abuse your body with junk food

Love what you do

Drinking cow’s milk is dangerous

Do your best to help others

Too much sugar is not a good thing

A sense of humor is very important for longevity

As a doctor, it’s important to find the root cause of a problem

Children are not getting parental guidance and it’s wrecking this nation

Kids in daycare are deprived of attention and catch too many illnesses

We need to think about everything we eat and drink

“Let’s do” is easier than do

Anything you have to do is work and anything you love to do is play

During the Great Depression, 11,000 of America’s 25,000 banks closed (Save what you can, appreciate what you have.)

Never raise your hand or your voice to a child

Parenting has gone out of style

Children and adults should eat fruit instead of drinking fruit juices

Drink only water

The greatest change she’s seen in her lifetime has been the neglect of little children

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