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A week ago I visited an acquaintance in the hospital – post bypass surgery.   I brought him a copy of The China Study and Prevent & Reverse Heart Disease and my wife’s business card.  She is officially helping people adopt a Plant Based diet.  A friend of mine joked that I was kinda like an ambulance chaser.  I felt it was an accurate observation.

There exists a very small window of opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life.  Approaching someone six days after bypass surgery is one of those moments, talk about a captive audience.

I think it is a moment missed by most Doctors.  It occurs at the time when you are most vulnerable but also when you are the most open to new ideas.  I spent six days in the hospital after my surgery and not once was I approached about changing my nutrition.  No one spoke to me about the causes of my disease nor the ability to reverse the disease.  Matter of fact, each meal consisted of milk, meat & eggs; the same food that clogged my arteries.

Back to my visit.  As I was preparing to say goodbye the heart surgeon walked in and was about to go over the discharge procedure.  I mentioned I was the welcome wagon for the “zipper club” and showed him my scar as a sort of identification tag.  He briefly diverted his gaze for a quick smile but was staring at the China Study book I had brought in.  I was about to comment on it but I thought twice about drawing more of his attention to it.  I wasn’t confident his opinion would be positive.  It has been my experience that Doctor’s don’t give much credence to Nutrition as a means to fix problems.  I believe it is a direct result of dealing with patients.  Compliance is incredibly low even prescribing one pill a day, much less changing every piece of food a patient eats.

So I made my exit from the patient & surgeon.  As I walked down the hall a priest came out a room, he had just given last rites and I could see the family in distress.

It was not until later that day that I realized the irony of the situation.

The Surgeon will fix your immediate problem.

The Priest will send you to heaven.

The Plant-Based Guy can save you.