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Gary Larson “Far Side”

Why do so many people feel that dodging bullets is their only strategy to a long healthy life?

It reminds me of the television interview a very obese construction worker gave.

He was recalling his near death experience, having been impaled on a job site by a 12 foot metal spike.  The spike went completely through his abdominal fat.

“I am so lucky to be alive, my fat saved me!”

How about looking at it from this vantage point:

If you weren’t so fat the spike would have missed you completely!

We cannot simply be satisfied by luckily avoiding life threatening situations.  What we need is an attitude that defaults towards prevention.

The fact is a large percentage of us are simply playing the odds when it pertains to our health.  We justify our decisions by regurgitating studies or statistics that support our stance.

If you feed your body with junk you are standing in the crosshairs of a malady related to nutrition.  Change the food coming in and you move the crosshairs.

A long, healthy life is earned.  It is a cumulation of a lifetime of daily healthy decisions.

Literally eliminate the “belly” and you can eliminate being filetted by a long metal spike.