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I am exhausted.  Elections make me crazy.

Why am I yelling at the television?  Since when do I represent what is right for all Americans.  Why do I feel so pissed off?  Is America going to be ok?

I was up late in bed last night attempting to put my finger on the causes of this sentiment and I am pretty confident that conflict is the root cause.

Elections are a wonderful way to invite conflict into your serene environment.  We understand that opposing viewpoints are the foundation of any democracy and any censorship is a direct violation of our free will.  But we still have a hard time digesting the other guys take on things.

The problem with elections is it forces you into a non-compromising position.  This is completely unnatural.  Most of us weave through life making all kinds of compromises.  We adjust our stance to fit with another’s opinion in order to move forward.

In the last month I have had numerous arguments that typically would result in a compromise of opinion, that have resulted in “civil war” type outcomes.  Most of these arguments involve issues I normally would never argue about!  But I am forced to take a side.


There is no middle ground when it comes to elections.  It is a black or white decision.  Ideally, it would be nice to take the best ideas and mold them into one candidate.  We all want people to be happy and healthy.  We all want America to be great.  We all want to provide for our families.

Unfortunately we are forced to take sides and taking sides prevents you from compromising.

It would be interesting if we elected two Presidents.  Each President representing the singularly important issues for each side.  For any issue the two Presidents would have to reach an agreement.  There would be two Oval offices with a common area in the middle.  “Hey Mitt, what do you think of this proposal?  I like it Barack, let’s do it.”

We see the world through our own eyes, no one else’s.  Our viewpoints are accumulated over a lifetime of experiences and it is rare to meet an individual that will complete a 180 on a stance.  So why do we spend so much time and effort trying to change other people’s opinions?

I am guilty.  I write a blog swayed towards changing people’s attitudes towards nutrition.   I do this, to share my knowledge based on my experiences with heart disease; and to reveal the mistakes I made and the path I believe will correct it.

But I don’t expect to sway people, merely open a door to a new idea.  Upon receipt of my idea, it can either be explored or dismissed.  However, I don’t ask someone to vote on it.  To pick a side, one way or another.

Campaigns often make standing on principle the highest of virtues – and listening to your opponents a sure sign of weakness.  It is the virtual opposite of what it takes to succeed in office.  Squaring the circle takes a powerful combination of skills. But presidents who can compromise are generally the most successful.  Dee Dee Myers

It is important in the months to come to mend those relationships that were strained during the elections.  The easiest way to do that is to compromise.  Find a common ground that fits both stances and work from that position.

My mother said it best last night.  The fact that she is Swiss is very telling.  My sister and I vote differently.  When my sister calls and discusses the issues my mother agrees.  When I call and discuss issues with her, she agrees.  She understands our viewpoints because she understands us as individuals.

Finally, make sure you eat a lot of plants, get lots of exercise and take care of yourselves.. do it because I know I am right.  Wink.