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I like to eat raw oats with rice milk.  If I am in a dessert mood I add honey or agave.

I like to eat salads, the greener the better.

I like to eat beans.  Hardly a day goes by I don’t eat the “magical fruit, the more you eat…”

I like salsa, specifically Pico de Gallo.  I make one every Sunday.

So on Monday, in my office at work, I combined all of them.  The epitome of raw, wholesome food.  I thought it was a very efficient delivery system for my essential nutrients.  I am not guilty of “food porn” and rarely take pictures of my meals, but I did send a shot to my brother-in-law.  His response got me thinking….

I think that has to fall more in the direction of fuel as opposed to food.  I mean…I like all of those things, but I am not sure I would like them together.”

Looks good on you though!Caddyshack

At what point does Food become Fuel?

I am two years into my plant-based diet.  I flipped my food pyramid upside down after my bypass surgery at the age of 40.  Early on, I recall, feeling overwhelmed every time I looked at my plate.  A quarter of the plate was missing, what on earth could fill that void?  Early on I used some wean products; tofu, vegan cheese, hot dogs.  But I always came back to my basics, beans, oats, salad.

As my taste buds lost their thirst for fat and sugar, I began to crave simple foods.  My body began to run really clean.  You could set a swiss train schedule on my bowel movements.

Recently, the progression has moved to Fuel.  I love to cook on the weekends for fun but during the week, I eat for energy.